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Benefits of an enhanced listing BioPharma

While all company additions, be them basic (free) or enhanced listings, will get the attention of visitors on BioPharmaLink, you will benefit from an enhanced company profile:

First because through enhanced listings, more effort is being deployed in order to bring your company new prospects and partners:

  • Make your company visible. Let web-site users explore your product-offers or calls: drugs, developments, technologies for licensing or sale

  • Have your services and activity details presented and your company news exposed

  • Reach industry professionals through company and offers-, calls-, services-, news-directories or keyword searches

  • Get more hits through our intensive promotional efforts: at least 5 times more results

  • Get your new additions delivered to interested parties and considered by prospects and possible partners

  • Get targeted contacts and concrete requests and proposals

  • Assured return on investment: you will get more leads and sales

Secondly because we added features to enhanced profiles:

  • Space: Extra space to exhibit services, offers, calls and news for products and technologies on BioPharmaLink

  • Content: A showroom to expose your company activities, markets and specialties

  • Links: Forwarding to your web site and email from all your profiled pages

  • Visibility on the Internet: New company info will be emailed to possible providers

  • Visibility on BioPharmaLink: Get priority listings and prominent exposure of your company profile on our web site

  • Results: View reactions on your profile

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You can have your basic company profile free of charge. This is an introduction to our enhanced profile service. For conditions, please contact us.

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